Amanda Todd’s mother: Bill C-13 a violation of privacy

The goal of the federal government’s bill C-13 was to prevent people like Amanda Todd’s mother Carol from having to go through the horror of losing a child. Now, Carol’s mother has spoken out against the bill. She implies that the bill isn’t helping to stop bullying and that it’s just an excuse to expand the government’s power.

She says the government has gone too far with this bill and that it is a violation of privacy, according to the National Post.

National Post:

Ottawa law professor Michael Geist has warned that C-13 — along with S-4, the Digital Privacy Act — would allow organizations to disclose subscriber or customer personal information without a court order.

The disclosures would also be kept secret from the people whose information is being shared.

Todd said that would amount to victims of online abuse being victimized twice.

“I don’t want to see our children … victimized again by losing privacy rights,” she said. “I am troubled by some of these provisions condoning the sharing of Canadians’ privacy information without proper legal process.”

Geist said Bill C-13 makes it more likely that those companies will disclose information without a warrant because the legislation removes any legal risks associated with making such disclosures.


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