SCANDAL: NY Times released fake photos trying to prove Russian military was causing a stir in Ukraine

Pictures presented by Washington and Kiev as evidence of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, and published on Monday by the New York Times, were unverified and in fact contradicted the claims they were to support. [Source]

The New York Times released fake photos of a so-called Russian militant in Ukraine amid warning from world media and the US government just watched on the sidelines in silence.

The BBC did a thorough comparison of the high-resolution photos that had the two bearded men the NY Times falsely claimed was the very same combatant. The English media outlet found that, “In the 2014 photos, the man’s greying beard appears to be black, while in Georgia six years ago, the slimmer-looking man shown has a reddish beard,” as stated on the site

When asked whether the photos “prove anything,” the BBC stated that, “It cannot be said for sure that they are actual Russian Special Forces, as the Ukrainians argue.” [Source]


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