Proof shows like The Voice, American Idol and Dancing With The Stars are rigged

It’s time to wake up, people. ‘Reality’ shows like The Voice, American Idol and Dancing With The Stars are rigged. Please reas the information below.

Read what NY Daily News exposed:

You give them your voice — they’ll take everything else.

NBC’s megahit singing competition “The Voice” makes contestants sign a “dehumanizing” 32-page legal document that allows for plenty of potential for fakery during the production of the supposed reality show.

The contract, obtained by The News, says the NBC show can:
• Change the rules at any time.
• Eliminate contestants at any time, even if they are “winning” with the public.
• Ignore the show’s voting system
, which includes sales figures for contestants’ songs on iTunes, in the event of problems.
• Force contestants to undergo medical or psychological testing and, under certain circumstances, release the results on TV.

Fans were shocked when Judith Hill was axed from the competition last season. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone, given that producers admitted in another case that they had discarded thousands of votes cast via the Internet and social media. And the contract signed by contestants makes it all legal.

Such contracts are common in reality TV — indeed, similar legalese can be found in a contract for “American Idol” that was leaked online last year. But most viewers will be shocked to learn that producers of “The Voice” can disregard votes, although NBC and the show’s producers strongly deny any manipulation.

They can also disregard contestants. By signing the contract, singers agree to be depicted in a way that “may be disparaging, defamatory, embarrassing (and) may expose me to public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation.”

They even agree to allow producers to “portray me in a false light.”

But beyond merely degrading contestants, the contract gives producers the legal right to not even be fair about it.

Also read what the Huffington Post exposed about Dancing With The Stars (DWTS):

A Radar Online story brings to light this passage from Solo’s book about a conversation with her former DWTS partner about a secret memo deciding which celebrity pair would be eliminated each week.

Every reality-based show or competition you watch is fixed in some way. All “reality” programming is carefully put together and manufactured by networks who are in the television and entertainment business.

Learing the results of DWTS are predetermined would be something less than shocking, but the show would rightfully be crushed for deceiving their millions of viewers for several seasons in thinking their votes played a role in determining the outcome of the show.


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