Hamilton to provide city services to undocumented immigrants

On Monday February 10 2014, The emergency and community services committee of Hamilton voted in favour of providing undocumented immigrants with city services. They also voted to lobby the provincial government to educate local organizations to do the same.

If Hamilton’s city council ratifies the motion on Wednesday Hamilton will become Canada’s second sanctuary city. The first being Toronto.

A sanctuary city is a municipality that protects illegal immigrants from deportation and provides the immigrants with services such as emergency services, social housing, food banks, health care, and education. Without asking for verification of immigration status.

While many extreme “left” organizations fully support this concept, here are the bare bones facts of what this move will mean for the residents of Hamilton.

While we all pay larger and larger amounts of taxes every year to pay for the public services, undocumented immigrants who have never had to pay a single penny. Will be able to use them. A person who has never contributed a single penny (and will never have to) can obtain social assistance (welfare, disability, etc), enroll their children into public schools, and use the health care system.

As organizations and people promote this move as moving towards more equality. I have to ask does equality mean that Canadians whose families have been here and paying taxes to build these systems and keep them going, for generations. Have to continue paying those taxes to obtain the services, while immigrants who are not even here legally and are not paying into the system. Get to obtain the services, no questions asked. Does that seem equal to you? In any way?



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