News Roundup: Govt muzzling, dropping dollar, Canadians denied drug information and more

Tory MP Maurice Vellacott Rebels Against Government ‘Muzzling’

Tories under fire for doubling spending on regional offices for travelling ministers:

Russia to create cyberwarfare units by 2017:

170,000 rockets allegedly aimed at Israel:

Province warms to expanding taxing powers of cities

Toronto rising police busget gets few questions from councillors:

Evidence lacking on health benefits of some drug store products, experts suggest:

Dropping dollar pinches consumers:

Tory majority will grow in bigger House if 2011 voting patterns hold steady

Quebec police raids on Lev Tahor: Why now?–why-now

Hydro rates hit business hard:

Quebec putting red tape between military families and English schools: complaint:

Canadians denied drug pricing information:

Feds will bring back prostitution prohibition laws which were unconstitutional/illegal in the first place:


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