Nova Scotia RCMP buys surveillance drones


Police drones will soon be whirring through Nova Scotia’s skies.

The Nova Scotia RCMP is buying five unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones. They’ve budgeted up to $165,000 for the purchase, or $33,000 apiece.

They will be outfitted with thermal cameras and a video camera that can stream live images back to the operator steering the drone with a remote control.

One privacy expert warns that drones could be used in intrusive ways, such as filming through a house window.

“They already do that with binoculars from one building to another,” said McInnes Cooper lawyer David Fraser.

“There really are very few limits on what law enforcement can do with respect to tracking, particularly in places that are publicly visible.”

He said people might have concerns about drones with infrared cameras flying over neighbourhoods looking for marijuana grow-ops, which give off heat.


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