News Roundup: Red tape drags down Canadian economy, Only 22% of Ontario local businesses have faith, and Why the silence of over privacy puts our freedom at risk

Google buys UK artificial intelligence startup Deepmind for £400m:

Stephen Harper must address online surveillance in Canada, says PEN Canada:

The silence over privacy puts our freedoms at risk:

Bell pointed out for monitoring its clients:

Toxic fluoride being forced into city’s water supplies without the people’s consent:

What do Canada’s gun control programs cost? The government isn’t saying:

Only 22% of local businesses have faith in direction of Ontario’s economy:

Vancouver Ciastal Health wants to ban e-cigarettes which don’t contain nicotine and don’t damage your health (look it up):

Red tape is an unnecessary drag on Canada’s economic growth:

Montreal raises taxes:

67 Year Old Orillia Man Fined Over Snowbank On His Property:

RCMP Const. Pompeo Shot a Man at Traffic Stop and Gets to keep his job & gun:

When the dollar falls, everyone in Canada loses:

Canadian Regulators Probe Google’s Ad Model:


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