Ottawa Citizen [backup link]:

OTTAWA — Canada’s foreign intelligence agency admits it “incidentally” spies on Canadians.

It is the first time the country’s ultrasecret signals intelligence agency has strayed from its standard assurance that it does not “target” the electronic communications of Canadians.

“The question is not whether CSEC and CSIS know the law. It is whether they followed it,” said Craig Forcese, a leading scholar on national security law at the University of Ottawa.

Two legal experts are calling on the federal government to launch an independent investigation into the case.

Toronto Sun [backup link]:

OTTAWA — After months of denying it spies on Canadians, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) now admits it may “incidentally” read or hear Canadians’ communications.

“The National Defence Act acknowledges that this may happen and provides for the minister of national defence to authorize this interception in specific circumstances,” CSE said in a new posting on its website.

National security blogger Bill Robinson says the CSE can use information gleaned from Canadians.

Also, 78% of Canadians are against the government spying on them:



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